B & W Commercial

Dealer of Digital Prepress Equipment, Software and Consummables

  Welcome to the B & W Solution

At B & W, we do not just sell equipment and supplies. We provide solutions which improve quality, increase productivity and lower production costs in the print shop.

We supply complete digital prepress systems consisting of an imagesetter or platesetter, rip station, processor and proofer. Our packages include installation, warranties, training and after-sales service and spare parts support.

Our Products

  • Refurbished CtP Platesetter 
  • Refurbished CtF Imagesetters
  • HuaRui GraphStar CtP Platesetters   
  • Founder EagleRip 4.3 Software Rip for Output Devices
  • Founder EagleProof 4.0 Software Rip for Contone Digital Proofing
  • Founder EagleDot 4.0 Software Rip for Dot Digital Proofing
  • Founder Superline Anti-Counterfeiting Design Software
  • FujiFilm CtP Termal Plates    
  • Imagesetter Film
  • Rapid Access Developer and Fixer

Product Menu

● Platesetters
◦  Refurbished
◦  TR 600
◦  TR 800
● Imagesetters
● Founder Products
◦  EagleRip
◦  EagleProof
◦  EagleDot
◦  Superline
◦  EasiPrint
● Supplies

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